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Sep 14 360'0 361'6 356'0 360'2 -2'6 359'0s 06:07P Chart for @C4U Options for @C4U
Dec 14 368'0 369'0 362'4 366'0 -4'4 364'6s 06:02P Chart for @C4Z Options for @C4Z
Mar 15 380'4 381'6 375'4 379'0 -4'4 377'6s 05:31P Chart for @C5H Options for @C5H
May 15 389'0 390'0 383'6 387'2 -4'4 386'0s 04:50P Chart for @C5K Options for @C5K
Jul 15 395'2 396'4 390'4 394'0 -4'2 392'6s 10:10A Chart for @C5N Options for @C5N
Sep 15 401'6 402'4 397'0 400'2 -4'0 399'2s 08/31 Chart for @C5U Options for @C5U
Dec 15 407'2 408'6 404'0 406'4 -3'2 406'0s 04:52P Chart for @C5Z Options for @C5Z
Mar 16 415'6 416'6 412'4 412'6 -3'2 414'0s 04:05A Chart for @C6H Options for @C6H
May 16 419'6 419'6 419'6 419'6 -3'2 419'6s 04:58P Chart for @C6K Options for @C6K
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Sep 14 1070'2 1095'6 1070'2 1090'0 15'6 1089'4s 05:30P Chart for @S4U Options for @S4U
Nov 14 1028'6 1034'0 1021'0 1024'4 -4'4 1024'2s 06:09P Chart for @S4X Options for @S4X
Jan 15 1036'2 1041'0 1029'0 1032'4 -4'0 1032'4s 05:47P Chart for @S5F Options for @S5F
Mar 15 1043'4 1048'4 1036'6 1040'0 -3'2 1040'4s 05:32P Chart for @S5H Options for @S5H
May 15 1050'0 1054'2 1042'4 1045'6 -4'0 1046'2s 04:58P Chart for @S5K Options for @S5K
Jul 15 1056'4 1059'2 1046'6 1049'6 -4'4 1050'2s 04:46P Chart for @S5N Options for @S5N
Aug 15 1048'0 1048'0 1048'0 1048'0 -5'2 1049'6s 08/31 Chart for @S5Q Options for @S5Q
Sep 15 1042'6 1042'6 1037'4 1039'0 -4'4 1040'0s 08/31 Chart for @S5U Options for @S5U
Nov 15 1039'2 1044'0 1031'2 1036'0 -2'6 1036'6s 04:46P Chart for @S5X Options for @S5X
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Sep 14 555'0 562'2 546'0 549'2 -6'2 550'2s 05:43P Chart for @W4U Options for @W4U
Dec 14 570'0 578'6 561'2 563'0 -8'2 563'4s 06:04P Chart for @W4Z Options for @W4Z
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Sep 14 17085.00 17091.00 17055.00 17081.00 - 4.00 17085.00 06:08P Chart for +DJ4U Options for +DJ4U
Dec 14 16985.00 17001.00 Chart for +DJ4Z Options for +DJ4Z
Mar 15 16935.00 8.00 16935.00s 08/29 Chart for +DJ5H Options for +DJ5H
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September 1, 1953
WNOK (now WLTX) TV channel 19 in Columbia, SC (CBS) 1st broadcast

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"Money is like manure.
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it does a lot of good,
but if you pile it up in one place,
it stinks like hell."

~ Clint W. Murchison


All Premier elevators and offices will be closed Monday, September 1

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In light of recent developments we have re-evaluated our policy regarding acceptance of corn with traits that are not approved for worldwide consumption. To protect access for all Premier members to all available markets we will NOT be accepting Duracade® corn grown in 2014. A letter was sent to all patrons the week of March 3, 2014 to further explain Premier’s position.


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Market Comments 8/29/2014

Weekly Market Recap


Some solid economic data this week in the U.S. helped drive the S&P 500 above the 2,000 mark for the first time. The heads of the world’s major central banks at the Jackson Hole Conference last weekend struck an accommodative tone, setting the backdrop for the rally this week. The message the market heard was that the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan may have to introduce new stimulus, while the U.S. Fed will continue to hold off on interest rate tightening until it sees stronger hiring and wage growth. The most remarkable economic report of the week was the Durable Goods report that showed the biggest increase on record (since 1992) of +22.6% month/month, although the gain was attributable almost entirely to aircraft sales by Boeing. The non-transportation, non-defense component of the report rose 1.5%, a better indicator of the current pace of activity. The August consumer confidence reading from the Conference Board rose to the highest level since October 2007, increasing from 90.3 to 92.4. The recent run to the record highs in the stock market is a likely cause for the buoyant mood. For the week, the S&P 500 was up 11.2.
U.S. GDP growth in the second quarter was revised from 4.0% annualized to 4.2%, continuing the theme of an improving economy. Better business investment and better trade balance were behind the revision. Weekly jobless claims inched down to 298 thousand. On the political front, Ukraine says Russia has invaded, and NATO showed satellite images of Russian troops in eastern Ukraine. Western leaders such as the UK’s David Cameron warned of additional consequences. Crude oil rebounded modestly this week, posting a gain of $2.31 to settle at $95.96 per barrel.
Reminder: grain markets will be closed on Sunday night, August 31 and Monday, September 1 for Labor Day, reopening Monday at 7:00 pm CT.  Corn continued its sideways trend with the December trading between $3.58 and $3.81 per bushel for the last four weeks.  Expectations for a tremendously big crop have not been dampened and without new demand the upside has been limited.  Spillover support from the wheat market, Ukraine/Russia situation, likely kept us from new contract lows.  Early yield reports out of the Delta are running from 170 to 220 BPA!  Producer selling has dried up with many reports of growers intending to just hold remaining stocks into new crop carries.  Weekly export sales were slightly negative for old crop and better than expected at 27.4 million bushels sold for the 2014/2015 crop year.  Weekly ethanol production was down 2.6% from the previous week, but still 11% higher than a year ago.  A plant closed since 2012 has reopened in Mount Vernon, IN.  For the week, December corn was down 6 ¾ cents to close at $3.64 ¾ per bushel.
Soybeans were divided into two very distinct markets, old crop and new crop.  Old crop supplies are so snug that there were reports of some plants not having meal to offer for sale.  Basis levels for quick shipment old crop beans skyrocketed in the interior.  If you offered beans for sale, you needed to be prepared to have them scooped up.  As the market bridges the gap to new crop, Delta harvest yield reports were running extremely well.  There were reports of yields 96 BPA or higher!  Recent rains kept ideas for higher yield estimates on the front burner.  Weekly old crop export sales were a small net negative of 2.3 million bushels.  New crop sales were very good at 47.4 million bushels.  It’s thought that the old crop sale cancellations will be rolled into new crop.  Without weather scares, the trend remains lower.  For the week, September soybeans crashed 76 ½ cents lower to $10.89 ½, November beans tumbled 17 ¾ cents lower to $10.24 ¼, December meal fell $2 to $350.70 and December oil dropped 46 ticks to 32.14.
Activity in the wheat markets this week was politically based with Russian President Putin meeting with Ukrainian President Poroshenko and Russian military moving into the country conducting operations aiding rebels.  The geopolitical tensions have added a risk premium into futures.  Many feel that Russia is seeking a land corridor to Crimea.  Spring wheat harvest delays continued this week due to excess moisture in parts of northern MN, ND and northern SD.   Vomotoxin continues to be an issue in certain areas mainly north eastern SD and western MN.  Reports of wet wheat persist with wheat coming to elevators with 14%-18% moisture which has prompted elevators to begin drying.  Protein levels remain good with many reports between 13.5 to 14.5%.  2.0 parts per million or less is milling quality.  On the export front, France imported a small jag of Latvian milling wheat due to poor interior quality.  The International Grain Council increased 2014-15 world wheat crop 11 MMT to 713 MMT.  The IGC cited larger crops in Russia, European Union and China.  SovEcon estimates the 2014-15 Russia exports at 23-24 MMT, August USDA estimate was 22.5 MMT.  Statistics Canada estimates will be released September 5.  Currently the spring wheat is pegged at 19.972 MMT.  Total wheat crop is expected to total 27.7 MMT.  Changes in the December contract for the week:  Chicago up 1 ¼ cents at $5.63 ½, Minneapolis dropped 4 ¾ cents to $6.29 ¾ and Kansas City was 1 ¼ cents lower at $6.42 ¾ per bushel.
Premier’s Cooperative Crop tour released a yield estimate of 211/bu on 8/21
Weekly USDA EXPORT INSPECTIONS Tuesday 9/2/2014 @ 10:00 am
USDA CROP PROGRESS Tuesday 9/2/2014 @ 3:00 PM
USDA Weekly USDA EXPORT SALES Friday 8/5/2014 @ 7:30 am
USDA Monthly WASDE Report 9/11/2014 @ 11:00 am

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